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April 2017

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Dog in Bed

Haha. I don't know if the above code will actually post as a picture but it's my dog and I'm trying to figure this out.

Nice day today and I took my dogs into downtown Lowell for a walk up and down the sidewalks. The Flat River runs right through the town, so many people like to walk there and observe the ducks. They were really good and never went to the bathroom on the sidewalk. I let an older lady pick up Spam and pet him. Frankly, Spam looked a little freaked out but it meant a lot to the lady. Are you giving me away mama? She said he smelled good. I noticed this morning that he smelled like the laundry detergent we use.

After our walk, I took the long drive out to Tanger Outlets in Byron Center, which is about 40 minutes away. I had never been there but a day or so ago, I found out there was a Merrell store there. I buy Merrell shoes for hiking and they are usually a little pricey and I've been wanting to find a place to try some on instead of just buying online. I must try things on! So, I got out there and it is a super nice outlet mall. Like big city nice. I'll definitely have to go back sometime and check out the other stores. I only went to Merrell. It was a nice, small store and they had many kinds of shoes and boots there. I walked to the back of the store because I saw a clearance sign. They had wall racks of shoes that were marked down and a salesman told me that they were also an additional 20% off! OMG. I usually wear a 6.5 size but I quickly found out that with my hiking socks on, I would have to size up. Size 7 was perfect and I found an ankle boot that was waterproof. It was originally $130 and I got them for under $60. So glad I drove out there. I also picked up a $7 t-shirt on sale and a pair of hiking socks on sale for $10. It might sound expensive for socks but I have a $20 pair my mom bought me for my birthday although you have to understand that these socks often have a lifetime warranty. They last a long time. So, I have made a small dent in my outdoor gear. Still don't have a raincoat though and we camp in a month.

I left Tanger Outlets and headed into Grand Rapids to visit the pet store. The pets needed treats and I also picked up a tie-out for our camping trip that was on sale. All the workers at the pet store always say how cute my dogs are and pet them. haha. And my dogs love being able to go into the store and walk around. They were very good in there.

After that, I was exhausted. I've noticed that I can handle about three hours of being out and then, mentally, I am just done. Sometimes, it takes me 24 hours to recover. All that small talk and working thru traffic wears me out. I am really envious of people without mental illness that can go all day.

So, chilling now with two happy pets. Over the last two days, I must have run 6+ loads of laundry. I don't have that many clothes but I did special washes for bedding, dog toys/beds, blankets, and the linen I keep in the car for the dogs to sit on. Everything is so clean and OMG, you guys...I never realized how clean things could be. Seriously, I don't think my old washer was even working. I noticed right away how much more vibrant my clothes were after using the new washing machine and after one wash, one of my stains on a pair of sweatpants faded really dramatically. Wow. I guess it really was time to replace the washer.

Nothing on the weekend agenda. It's weird now with Bob working Sat and Sun. Sunday is Easter but we really don't celebrate it. We currently don't go to church and we don't have kids, so why color a bunch of eggs? I might break out some bacon and make pancakes just to be fancy but that's it. I'm not even sure what we're doing on Bob's weekend (Mon-Tues). Well, I have to see my therapist on Monday, so there is that. Happy Easter, y'all.
Apr. 12th, 2017 09:12 pm


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It's actually night. Lol. And I just ate a whole bag of chocolate covered blueberries. Today was one of the good days. The gas company sent a guy over to hook up our new gas dryer. Wow. It is more involved of a process than I thought 💭. He had to take the case off. It cost $200 too but he also checked all of our gas appliances to make sure they were functional like the stove and furnace. Good to have it done ✅. Tonight I used the machines for the first time ever and I am so happy 😊. We have a top loader without an agitator. It has jets inside the drum and spins super fast in two directions. The dryer works so fast! It takes 15 mins to dry a load. I am not kidding. The washer takes much longer and makes a fair amount of noise but I don't care. I was able to wash and dry my comforter! The old machines were too small.

Oh wow. I have no idea how to insert a photo.

I had my lunch date with Carol today. It was a really good time. She was not manic like the last time I saw her. After lunch we walked downtown and we visited the thrift stores. I didn't buy anything but I paid for the lunch for both of us. Neither one of us gets out much so we're going to try to make this a regular thing. It was nice to have a local friend my own age. I think we would hang out more but she has three kids aged 18, 7, and 5.

Not sure what tomorrow holds. I'd like to do some super organizing and deep cleaning like laundering couch blankets and the dog beds and toys. There is so much you forget to do in life when you're worrying about world affairs. I just feel terrible about Chechnya, Syria, and of course, the famines in Africa and Yemen. 💔
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1st Entry

It should be profound but really, I am just abandoning LJ because of their anti-LGBT policies. I feel like we have to stand for something in this life, like ourselves, our friends, and our families to start with--and then, all the other oppressed peoples around the world.
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