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1st Entry

It should be profound but really, I am just abandoning LJ because of their anti-LGBT policies. I feel like we have to stand for something in this life, like ourselves, our friends, and our families to start with--and then, all the other oppressed peoples around the world.
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Hi Missy!
Yes, I agree. The world is so strange right now. I do not want to also support anti-LGBT politics.
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Hi! I'm so glad that you've moved to Dreamwidth too! i think my LJ entries are still in the process of being inported. Apparently a vast number of people are leaving LJ now.
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Oh! I just noticed that i got a message saying that the importing of my LJ journal entries has finished.
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So no more LJ at all for you? I'm thinking of doing the same but there are a few people still there I don't want to lose contact with.
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I am having the same dilemna. I have friends that don't want to make the switch, so I'm now on both, but so far viciousladybug is my only friend on DW!
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I'm not abandoning el jay, but just figured this was good back up policy.
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Good on you! I'm backing away from el jay, too.